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Microsoft buys Yahoo!? lucky me!

Long time ago i registered my first main mail account on homtail service, when it was not yet Microsoft property (long time ago). Since i dind’t feel anymore to use a msn service half year ago i moved my hotmail account to a Yahoo ones.

…and now ? I discovered that Microsoft is probably going to buy Yahoo!
Ok i understand you need to compete with Google and you want to conquer the Web service monopoly as well, but… Mr. Bill couldn’t you have chosen another service to buy?

And besides, Yahoo! bought, one year ago, which i recently start using.

So i will be soon included within the Microsoft environment, otherwise i could look for the next company/service to be bought by Microsoft, and i will subscribe myself there for some services.

Jpeg patent ‘rejected’ ?

After a few months long reexamination process, the US Patent and Trademark Office rejected few claims of patent for the Joint Photographic Experts Group (Jpeg).

The USPTO granted this patent on 1997. Reexamination process has been started by  the Public Patent Foundation (PubPat), in late 2005. The non profit organization managed to provide valid cases of ‘prior arts’ to the Office.

Forgent (actual ‘patent holder’) states that this is not a complete defeat, because they still hold the majority of claims on the patent, and they will keep defending those ones and trying to overturn Office decision.

Phone box? No thanks, i’m already on At&t!

According to UsaToday and the related article on The Register, the NSA is still really busy in collecting important data for the Country safeguard.

It seems that the amount of private phone-calls supervised (recorded), since 11th Sept ’01, reaches the ten millions.
No need of worrying, according to president Bush, who defend the Nsa’s project, "Al-Qaeda is our enemy and we need to know their plans". By the way…this ten millions of americans are not suspected of anything, it’s just to be sure.

Anyway, the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a lawsuite-action against At&t (the biggest Nsa’s partner in the ‘spy-project’, and one of the biggest telecom company in Usa) for ‘privacy-violation’. At&t it’s not really suspected of anything….but just to be sure.



I do not know wether this is a fresh news or not, but i found out yesterday that the idea of developing and producing low cost laptop is, at the moment, increasing its popularity.

The YellowShipRiver Municator it’s another low-cost laptop (about 145$), developed in China and as they state on their website “Our ultimate goal is to let Chinese computer-users use our own-made CPUs in which we don’t have to rely on the imported CPUs. Our productsare made for ourselves butnot for exportation only.”

It is going to run Thinix OS (GNU/Linux distribution, developed in China by the YellowShipRiver Inc.)
With a Godson II 400/800Mhz CPU (made in China)
256Mb Ram, 40Gb hd
4 usb2 ports, VGA-output, tv-output, ps2-input, ddr and Lan/WiFi (all integrated on the motherboard)
Wieght: 400g

Negroponte’s OLPC project actually aims to something different: rather then filling own Country market (i.e. China) it prefers to fill up the gap in those areas where the ‘iTech’ has not evolved as in other areas of the world.

Even if i think these are good directions where to produce and to spread ‘IT‘ (i.e. trying to reach ‘low class’/poor people), i recall to my mind an article (in italian), about this topic, ending with a smart statementĀ  to remind that even if you spread cheap technologies inside poor areas or 3rd world schools you will always have the big gap between people who can go to school and poeple who can not, but just working.

Useful HowTo or just marketing?

If any of the fellows or somebody else would need to remove his own free operative system (GNU/Linux, FreeBsd, or other linux/Unix based) to install Windows XP might want to consider this HowTo.

Reading through it, actually i do not understand what it stands for (or maybe i don’t want to). It is basically a long list of Gnu/linux systems properties and a ‘howto‘ use the fdisk command.

BTW i don’t think i will use it right now.

SONY PS3 running Linux kernel? It could really happen

This morning reading through some forums/blog (Italian&English), i came to know that sony‘s next generationĀ  Playstation (Ps3) could be running a linux kernel on his Cell processor

The processor. built in a joint venture between IBM, Toshiba and Sony. has been set upĀ  to be compatible with Unix and Mac Os X operative systems, and since the Spufs project (base platform support for Linux on the Cell) started few months ago, we should be on hour way to made a Linux kenrel portable/available for the mostest widespread game-console in the world (Yes, it is!! sorry Bill). From this article everything seems becoming true in few months.

I know that this could be a non-fresh news, because this information is running through forums and Psx/Gnulinux addicted’s blogs since months, but for me it was new, so i thought it could be nice to remind, that not defending Intellectual Property will seriously affect Scientific/Technological developments.