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Encyclopaedia Britannica & open source software

Even if this terminology does not belong to the Free Software movement/culture…no wonder that a lot of people end up having some confusion and misunderstanding about these difficult issues:

Follows the abstract of the entry for the term open source:
computer software whose source code is put into the public domain, subject to the restriction that any improvements or derived software also include the source code and be put into the public domain. Open source refers to both a model of software development and an ideology of intellectual property. The word open indicates that the program’s source code—the normally…

These are just 75 out of 816 words that you can read about this entry, without an account…will the rest improve or will follow on the same thread?

You might think "this does not involve the Free software terminology/movement, so let OSI to solve his own problems!", but is not that easy, in fact Encyclopaedia Britannica did even more.

Indeed, typing in any of the following words: GNU project, Free Software, Free Software Foundation, Stallman, GNU/linux or any of the combination you can obtain mixing them up, the only result barely close to them…guess which one is?

 BTW…i’ve tried to find some contact details where to address a warning about it, so that they could realize that this entry has some inaccuracies…but i didn’t find it, perhaps i need to register an account