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Jpeg patent ‘rejected’ ?

After a few months long reexamination process, the US Patent and Trademark Office rejected few claims of patent for the Joint Photographic Experts Group (Jpeg).

The USPTO granted this patent on 1997. Reexamination process has been started by  the Public Patent Foundation (PubPat), in late 2005. The non profit organization managed to provide valid cases of ‘prior arts’ to the Office.

Forgent (actual ‘patent holder’) states that this is not a complete defeat, because they . . . → Read More: Jpeg patent ‘rejected’ ?

Phone box? No thanks, i’m already on At&t!

According to UsaToday and the related article on The Register, the NSA is still really busy in collecting important data for the Country safeguard.

It seems that the amount of private phone-calls supervised (recorded), since 11th Sept ’01, reaches the ten millions.No need of worrying, according to president Bush, who defend the Nsa’s project, "Al-Qaeda is our enemy and we need to know their plans". By the way…this ten millions of americans are not suspected . . . → Read More: Phone box? No thanks, i’m already on At&t!