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EU Parliament calls for code of conduct about censorship

The European Parliament has recently asked to the EU members to draft a code of conduct to state that European Union is and will always be for the freedom of speech, opinion and information. These freedoms should always be granted to any citizen even within the internet.

It condemns the behaviour of companies such Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft which offered ‘on demand’  services to some governments to ease their bad habit of controlling and censoring . . . → Read More: EU Parliament calls for code of conduct about censorship

Skype protocol ‘reverse-enginereed’

It seems that the Skype proprietary protocol has been cracked throug reverse engineering.

Here Charlie Paglee’s blog, where he resumes how he and his company (the chinese Vozin Comunications) realized that they effectively managed to ‘crack’ the protocol.

As somebody pointed out, even if the protocol is encrypted, is not patented, therefore is not illegal to ‘reverse engineer’ it.

Will this influence Skype business model? 

Discovering new markets

It is no mistery that working on IT markets has always been highly challenging. Therefore is normal that everybody tries to reserve his own product a privileged niche.

But what i didn’t know is that the Linux kernel mantainers are scouting above suspicion markets, something not even mr. Ballmer could have thought about.

Unfortunately some customers are already showing their dissatisfaction triggered by an incredible bug….code name "muck"


. . . → Read More: Discovering new markets

OpenWengo code camp contest

The OpenWengo community launched a code camp contest to add new features and speed up the developing process of the Wengophone NG (Next Generation). Right now the version 2.0 beta 3 is available.

The contest has different subjects where students and hackers can submit their code to.