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RIAA lawsuit decision matrix

Here is the scheme that RIAA uses to set up strategies for sueing against ‘intellectual property’ infringements.



Kind of funny (or worrisome??) 

RFID and dogs evolution

RFID technology is moving forward by giants steps!Indeed, now it is possible to start a car even if your dog have eaten the control chip: just put the dog on the driving seat and turn the key, it will work! But remember this is just to start the car engine: you have to drive, not the dog.

Of course if you are not satisfied with this new technology, you can simply wait ~24 hours and . . . → Read More: RFID and dogs evolution

Discovering new markets

It is no mistery that working on IT markets has always been highly challenging. Therefore is normal that everybody tries to reserve his own product a privileged niche.

But what i didn’t know is that the Linux kernel mantainers are scouting above suspicion markets, something not even mr. Ballmer could have thought about.

Unfortunately some customers are already showing their dissatisfaction triggered by an incredible bug….code name "muck"


. . . → Read More: Discovering new markets

Useful HowTo or just marketing?

If any of the fellows or somebody else would need to remove his own free operative system (GNU/Linux, FreeBsd, or other linux/Unix based) to install Windows XP might want to consider this HowTo.

Reading through it, actually i do not understand what it stands for (or maybe i don’t want to). It is basically a long list of Gnu/linux systems properties and a ‘howto‘ use the fdisk command.

BTW i don’t think i will use . . . → Read More: Useful HowTo or just marketing?