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LinuxDay2006 and my talk about GPLv3

Yesterday there’s been the italian LinuxDay 2006, the LUG in my hometown organized one.

There I gave my talk about the GPLv3. Overall my talk was better than I expected. Iā€™m not an expert on giving talks, and talks about GPL either (last year my talk was about the history of the Free Software movement+philosophy, but that’s all), anyway Iā€™m quite satisfied about how i outlined the issue of revisiting the GPLv3. There is lot of room forimprovements, but still…definetely better than I expected.

My talk was targeted to people with nearly no-knowledge about GPL and Free Software licensing issues, moreover being Pesaro a little town and therefore the LUG has the same proportions, the event is more in the spirit of ‘linux-is-cool’+’opensource’+’free as in beer’. So even if i’ve tried to keep the talk really simple i don’t know whether it really reached anybody, i felt a little bit out of the context with my talk, anyway at the end of the talk a coupl of guys from the LUG asked me some clarification about DRM

A side note about the LinuxDay 2006 in Pesaro: unfortunately, this year, the event has not been planned as good as the last year and definitely, not as good as it could have been. No audio recording infrastructure šŸ™ , not a good projector and not a good timeplan schedule, which lead to have the room almost empty during my talk about the GPLv3 šŸ™ (due to some delays and relatively late beginning time lot of people were already left for going to have lunch)

Anyway I feel satisfied about the event in general, and about my talk