Digitaliseringsproblemer kan løses med fri software

Digitaliseringsproblemer kan løses med fri/Open Source software – åbent brev til partiernes IT-ordførere FSFE Danmark v/Allan Dukat, Øjvind Fritjof Arnfred og Carsten Agger –   Om os i FSFE Danmark: I slutningen af 2019 klagede en far til Datatilsynet over Helsingør Kommune, fordi hans otte-årige søn i sin folkeskole havde fået udleveret en Chromebook Read more »

Cory Doctorow’s “Walkaway” – some comments

This post started as a Twitter thread – I’m reposting here to elaborate a bit (and fix some typos). I recently  read  Cory Doctorow‘s novel “Walkaway”. It scathingly turns on the increasing inequality & proposes an anarchist-style rebellion consisting of people simply walking away and renouncing “default” society. It’s quite a page turner, and so Read more »

My history with free software – a story told on #ilovefs day

In October 2019, I went to Linuxhotel in Essen, as I had been invited to attend that year’s General Assembly in the FSFE as a prospective member. I had a very enjoyable weekend, where I met new people and renewed older acquaintances, and it was confirmed to me what good and idealistic people are behind Read more »

Technoshamanism in Barcelona on October 4

TECNOXAMANS, ELS HACKERS DE L’AMAZONES. XERRADA I RITUAL DIY DE LA XARXA INTERNACIONAL TECNOXAMANISME AL CSOA LA FUSTERIA. El dijous 4 d’octubre celebrarem al CSOA La Fusteria una xerrada amb membres de la xarxa Tecnoxamanisme, un col·lectiu internacional de producció d’imaginaris format per artistes, biohackers, pensadors, activistes, indígenes i indigenistes que intenten recuperar idees de Read more »

Technoshamanism meeting in Axat, France (October 5 to 8)

  Complete program to appear here. First published at the technoshamanism site. THE MEETING We would like to invite you to the Technoshamanism meeting in Axat, south of France, at Le Dojo art space and association. We still enjoy temporary autonomous zones, new ways of life, of art / life, we try to think and Read more »

Surveillance Valley – a review

Note: This post is a book review. I did not buy this book on Amazon, and if, after reading this post, you consider buying it, I strongly urge you not to buy it on Amazon. Amazon is a proprietary software vendor and, more importantly, a company with highly problematic business and labour practices. They should Read more »

Technoshamanism and Free Digital Territories in Benevento, Italy

From October 23 to 29, an international seminar about technoshamanism and the concept of “Digital Land” or “free digital territories” was held in the autonomous ecological project Terra Terra near Reino, Benevento, Italy. The event was organized by Vincenzo Tozzi announced on the Bricolabs Mailing List. The seminar was held in the form of a Read more »

The Catalan experience

Yesterday, I went to the protest in Barcelona against the incarceration of the leaders of Omnium and ANC, two important separatist movements. The Catalan question is complex, and there are lots of opinions on all sides. However, after speaking with a lot of people down here and witnessing a quite large demonstration – as shown Read more »