Much ado about nothing?

I’ve just stumbled upon this entry in Groklaw and it seems that all the efforts to raise awareness about the contradictions that OOXML carries within itself was worth nothing:

According to an e-mail sent Saturday by Lisa Rachjel, the secretariat of ISO’s Joint Technical Committee (JTC-1) on Information Technology, the Open XML proposal, along with comments and criticism by nations that have already reviewed it, will be put on the ISO’s five-month balloting process….

On Groklaw already started a discussion to sort out some clarification in the ISO burocracy burden that mandates and delegates decisions to/from ‘which-board-of-which-organization-for-which-kind-of-process’ and i guess this will take its time.

There are some good links it could be worth following, but at a first glance, this, imho, is good starting point.
And here you can read the entire article which Groklaw refers to.

Anyway since i realized all of this is a kind of fresh new, there will probably come some updates and/or clarifications…and i’m really waiting for them.

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  • At the present state where they no doubt get the ISO stamp I would propose the accompanying: Local readling of OOXML documents ought to be actualized into when ever conceivable.
    Notwithstanding, local written work of records ought to be limited to ODF (or PDF for static documents) and just M$ heritage groups. Local written work of OOXML should be actualized by means of module.

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