I do not know wether this is a fresh news or not, but i found out yesterday that the idea of developing and producing low cost laptop is, at the moment, increasing its popularity.

The YellowShipRiver Municator it’s another low-cost laptop (about 145$), developed in China and as they state on their website “Our ultimate goal is to let Chinese computer-users use our own-made CPUs in which we don’t have to rely on the imported . . . → Read More: YellowShipRiver

SONY PS3 running Linux kernel? It could really happen

This morning reading through some forums/blog (Italian&English), i came to know that sony‘s next generationĀ  Playstation (Ps3) could be running a linux kernel on his Cell processor

The processor. built in a joint venture between IBM, Toshiba and Sony. has been set upĀ  to be compatible with Unix and Mac Os X operative systems, and since the Spufs project (base platform support for Linux on the Cell) started few months ago, we should be on . . . → Read More: SONY PS3 running Linux kernel? It could really happen