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Kolab Now: Learn, live, adapt in production

Kolab Now was first launched January 2013 and we were anxious to find out: If someone offered a public cloud service for people that put their privacy and security first. A service that would not just re-sell someone else’s platform … Continue reading

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Groklaw shutting down.

Today is a sad day for the world of Information Technology and the cause of software freedom. PJ just announced she’ll be shutting down Groklaw. It’s hard to overestimate the role that Groklaw has played in the past years. Many … Continue reading

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MyKolab.com: Building the Open Source Cloud service that was missing

In January this year we started the MyKolab beta phase and last week we finally moved it to its production environment, just in time for the Swiss national day. This seemed oddly fitting since the Swiss national day celebrates its … Continue reading

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Life post-PRISM: Politics and Power Struggles

Following the disclosures about details on how the United States and other countries are monitoring the world there has been a global discussion about this subject that’s been long overdue. In previous articles I tried to put together what actually … Continue reading

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The Post-PRISM Society: Totalitarian Clouds

After a somewhat brief overview over the world we find ourselves in, the question is what does this mean to us as a society? As highlighted in the previous article, governments have no realistic option not to engage in some … Continue reading

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And the challenge is… Kolab!

The veil is finally lifted. After months of discussions and four months of preparation in Osnabrück, including a fight for dear life in the snow during the Battle of Osnabrück alongside my new comrade in arms from Scotland, Paul Adams, … Continue reading

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What I’ve been doing: New Opportunities.

Those who know me will not be surprised that the somewhat prolonged silence following my last post was not only for purposes of an extended summer vacation. Indeed I found myself even more busy than before immediately after the handover … Continue reading

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Free Beer (as in freedom)

Recently I stumbled upon a student initiative called project21.ch who were asking for preorders on their Free Beer, as in freedom: The recipe is available online and you’re invited to modify it under a Copyleft license. You can either get … Continue reading

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FSFE Fellow Alex Antener reminded me today that some of our Swiss Team set up the Bergtagung for next weekend in the beautiful Swiss Alps mountain town Siat. The purpose of the Bergtagung is to have a meeting open minds, … Continue reading

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Back from Day against DRM Protest in Zürich

An exciting day is coming to an end now. You can read a short account of our Day against DRM protest in downtown Zürich on my other blog on DRM.info, so I won’t repeat the same story here, but I … Continue reading

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