Life post-PRISM: No More Business Secrets

After a primer on the realities of today’s world, and the totalitarian tendencies that follow from this environment and our behaviour in it, let’s take a look at what this means for professional use of information technology.

Firstly, it should be obvious that when you use the cloud services of a company, you have no [...]

Welcome to the Post-PRISM Society: A primer.


Questions of privacy, security and control have occupied me for a long time, both personally and professionally. In fact it was a significant aspect of my decision to switch focus from the Free Software Foundation Europe to Kolab Systems: I wanted to reduce the barriers to actually putting the principles into practice. That required a [...]

A bridge leading nowhere: Outlook-centric groupware

I have a confession to make.

I do not believe that Windows is the future of the Free Software desktop.

Perhaps you wonder why I feel it necessary to make this point?

A surprising number of Free Software (or Open Source, take your pick) companies, evangelists and journalists these days advocate some Open [...]

Can’t believe I’ve just been HYTTIOAOA’d

So there I was. Having spent 10 minutes trying to work my way through one of the worst forms that usability demons have ever conceived of for some legal issues at a certain governmental body, I hit the final “submit” and get an error message that the submission had somehow failed.  No idea why, of [...]

It’s time for the community to take charge of its brand

There are a couple of “beginner’s mistakes” when thinking about Free Software in general and its commercial application, in particular. One is to believe there was a substantial difference in the software referred to by the terms “Free Software” and “Open Source.” There isn’t. As far as the actual software is concerned, both [...]

Oral intervention by FSFE to CDIP/3

[ PDF version ]




(Geneva, 27 April – 1 May 2009)

Mr Chairman,

On behalf [...]

WIPO SCP/13 – some conclusions

A very productive week of plenary discussions which culminated in Friday’s difficult informal consultations behind closed doors at the SCP/13 demonstrated that WIPO has already come a long way, but a lot remains to be done. In many ways, this 13th session of WIPO’s Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP) marked [...]

Why the Commission is doing the right thing on antitrust

Previously on “European Commission Antitrust”…

Free Software Foundation Europe has been supporting the European Commission’s DG Competition in its antitrust work since 2001, when it first offered its expertise to the former Competition Commissioner Mario Monti. In 2003 it brought the Samba team to the table, and our cooperation was able to provide the Commission [...]

Re-enacting the parrot sketch

Calling the past months work-intensive would be something of an understatement. Fortunately my colleagues in FSFE did an excellent job of working on the same project in various countries while I was partially absent. They also managed to put out some interesting comments on the IS29500 approval. What I can say on the issue is [...]

Groklaw article: Microsoft, antitrust and innovation


Microsoft, antitrust and innovation – by Georg C. F. Greve

If one were to believe Microsoft, antitrust law is for sore losers who are too lazy to innovate, and the decision of the European Court of Justice against Microsoft was to the detriment of consumers around the world. One might even [...]