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MyKolab.com: Building the Open Source Cloud service that was missing

In January this year we started the MyKolab beta phase and last week we finally moved it to its production environment, just in time for the Swiss national day. This seemed oddly fitting since the Swiss national day celebrates its … Continue reading

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The Kolab Story

I’ve been woefully aware that while I did write about having chosen Kolab as my next challenge, I have consequently failed to communicate the most exciting part of why this became my challenge. So let me try to tell you … Continue reading

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It’s time for the community to take charge of its brand

There are a couple of “beginner’s mistakes” when thinking about Free Software in general and its commercial application, in particular. One is to believe there was a substantial difference in the software referred to by the terms “Free Software” and … Continue reading

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Back from GPLv3 conference in Tokyo, Japan

Today is my first day back in office after the GPLv3 conference in Tokyo, Japan. Great thanks and compliments go to the Free Software Initiative Japan (FSIJ) for organising such a professional and interesting conference in Akihabara, where dead geeks … Continue reading

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Free Software ecosystem changes: SUN announcing Java under GPLv2 and FTF

November 2006 might be remembered as a deciding month for Free Software: Novell and Microsoft agree that Novell should pay Microsoft for every single SuSE distribution they sell, a deal that is potentially in conflict with the GNU General Public … Continue reading

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Piracy redefined, and other gems from Helsinki

End of last week I found myself at a seminar of the Society for Economic Research on Copyright Issues (SERCI) in Helsinki, Finland. The seminar was titled "IPR Protection of Software: Copyright, Patent and/or Open Source?" and sponsors were in … Continue reading

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GPLv3: Official start of the revision process

MIT lecture room 10-250 in Boston just saw the release of the the first discussion draft for version 3 of the world’s first Copyleft and most used Free Software license, the GNU General Public License (GPL). As expected, it contains … Continue reading

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Will Microsoft support the development agenda at WIPO?

Jonathan Murray, Microsoft’s CTO for the EMEA region felt compelled to comment on our recent announcement of the GPLv3 revision process for 2006. Naturally, I was interested to see what he had to say. Unfortunately he only seemed to go … Continue reading

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