The ‘Ow’ starts now

Today is the day when Microsoft Vista starts shipping, and this operating system may indeed turn out to be quite painful for governments, companies and users around the world.

The main problem is not the graphical user interface. If you are interested in those you might be interested in the Technology Review article “Uninspiring Vista [...]

European Commission seeking position on DRM (and it doesn’t look good)

[ copied here from, original posting: "European Commission seeking position on DRM" ] reports that “EU Online Content Stakeholders Debate DRM“, which demonstrates the need for a much more informed debate on Digital Restrictions Management.

On the one side there is the Business Software Alliance (BSA), a known mouthpiece for Microsoft’s corporate interests [...]

Lifting the veil on DRM in different ways

[ The following article was first posted on It is copied here for the convenience of readers of the Fellowship. ]

In the entire discussion on Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) there are multiple problems that prevent broader discussion and understanding. One of them is that when talking about "Digital Restrictions Management" (DRM) the [...]

Back from Day against DRM Protest in Zürich

An exciting day is coming to an end now. You can read a short account of our Day against DRM protest in downtown Zürich on my other blog on, so I won’t repeat the same story here, but I will include the link to some very nice pictures.

The FSFE Zürich Crew was very [...]

DAY AGAINST DRM: Launch of, the DRM awareness portal

To describe the past weeks running up on 3 October as hectic would be a major understatement. Within very short time, a group of dedicated FSFE people put together a collaborative effort among digital liberty, new media, consumer protection and library organisations, as well as independent authors such as Cory Doctorow and set up a [...]

Copyright perspectives: obligation to publish and DRM?

There have been a couple of interesting articles and statements regarding Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) that I would like to share with you and comment on. One was a blog entry by Shane, titled "DRM is not evil. People are evil" and another one was a statement by Nick Ashton-Hart on behalf of (quote from [...]

GVU gets taste of their own medicine

As German media company reports, the "Gesellschaft zur Verfolgung von Urheberrechtsverletzungen" ("Association for the Prosecution of Copyright violations") (GVU) was paid a visit by the German police.

This tuesday morning around 10:00, police searched more than 200 locations in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Poland and Czechia. Overall 20 servers were confiscated, apparently they were [...]

Catching up and pledging to never buy DRM CDs

After an interesting trip to Boston, which let me experience various wonders, such as

Logging into the internet on an airplane, 10km above the middle of the Atlantic, to join other Fellows in a discussion on our Fellowship Jabber server. I have to admit this had me excited a little bit. Discovering once again [...]

COLDPLAY hates Mozart, the damn pirate!

Digital Restrictions Management, as the experts call it, or DRM for short, is working hard to demotivate people from giving money to the musicians they listen to, as David Pakman, President & CEO, Inc.; Managing Director, Dimensional Associates, Inc.. recently explained in his article on GROKLAW. The article explains in relatively simple terms why [...]

Experts call it Digital Restrictions Management

For those of you who can read German: Germanys most important weekly newspaper, DIE ZEIT, has an excellent article about the Sony DRM Rootkit. It seems that the pro-DRM campaign by the large music rights holding houses is showing signs of wear and tear.

Indeed, the article contains the sentence

Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) [...]