Catching up and pledging to never buy DRM CDs

After an interesting trip to Boston, which let me experience various wonders, such as

  • Logging into the internet on an airplane, 10km above the middle of the Atlantic, to join other Fellows in a discussion on our Fellowship Jabber server. I have to admit this had me excited a little bit.
  • Discovering once again that US immigration is distinctly less friendly than their counterparts in Tunisia.
  • Experiencing a 20 degree temperature drop in a single night in Boston.
  • Wondering once more why German tourists tend to clap when airplanes land (Werner Koch: "That is because of Otto Lilienthal whos glider clapped when landing") and experiencing a feeling of satisfaction when the only person who started clapping trailed off rather dorkily when it turned out this was a flight of people who apparently felt about this phenomenon like me. Or maybe they simply weren’t German.

I am finally back in Hamburg, trying to catch up on real life. Also I will need to start preparing my move to Z├╝rich sometime in the near future.


One of the things I immediately did was signing up with the pledge by that

    I will pledge to never purchase a CD contaning 
    any form of Digital Rights Management (DRM),
    but only if 500 people around the world will too."

and even though it misnamed Digital Restrictions Management (as the experts call it) and has already crushed its 500 people number by a factor of 6, I’d like to ask you to sign up, as well.


About Georg Greve

Georg Greve is a technologist and entrepreneur. Background as a software developer and physicist. Head of product development and Chairman at Vereign AG. Founding president of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). Previously president and CEO at Kolab Systems AG, a Swiss Open Source ISV. In 2009 Georg was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon by the Federal Republic of Germany for his contributions to Open Source and Open Standards.
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