A bridge leading nowhere: Outlook-centric groupware

I have a confession to make.

I do not believe that Windows is the future of the Free Software desktop.

Perhaps you wonder why I feel it necessary to make this point?

A surprising number of Free Software (or Open Source, take your pick) companies, evangelists and journalists these days advocate some Open [...]

Can’t believe I’ve just been HYTTIOAOA’d

So there I was. Having spent 10 minutes trying to work my way through one of the worst forms that usability demons have ever conceived of for some legal issues at a certain governmental body, I hit the final “submit” and get an error message that the submission had somehow failed.  No idea why, of [...]

Irony, cynicism or simply “cara de pau”?

Imagine a fox building “fox and chicken can be friends” ads from the feathers of slaughtered chicken. Would this be irony or cynicism, or possibly both? I had the same problem when I saw the following ad:

Microsoft is a convicted monopolist. Their most successful strategy to protect their monopoly and extend it [...]

Media merchant media atrocities and their parody

One of the most remarkable features of the German language is that it makes it very easy to create words that are generally understood and come with clear connotations to people who speak the language. One such word that has been going around is the word "Raubkopierer", which combines the words "Raub", meaning robbery, and [...]

Misplaced obsession?

It appears that some people still have difficulties with all this new technology. Take Tom Giovanetti of the IPI, for instance.

The IPI is a group that is sponsored by (and therefore speaks along the lines of interest of) some very large US corporations, trying to make it look like those interests were also the [...]

Technical difficulties all around

It appears that this is a day of technical difficulties. After a thunderstorm seems to have taken out part of FSFE’s infrastructure in Sweden, leaving FSFE with a lost day of email connectivity, I took a look at BoingBoing.net, usually a good source of entertainment. I wasn’t disappointed.

As it turns out, BoingBoing reports that [...]

Welcome to the Hell-O-Moto!

Motorola is commonly known for using GNU/Linux on some of its telephones and some vague statements of planning to use Free Software centrally in its technology stack. This had me leaning towards Motorola. Also, the hardware design of the folding phones is dramatically cool, in my opinion. So when offered a Motorola V3x as my [...]

Who is your favorite underwear pervert?

Yet another "innovation" from our friends in the Church of IPR: 

Cory Doctorow has a story on BoingBoing about how Marvel and DC comics seek a joint monopoly on the term "super-hero" so they can  be the real world Dr. Doom independent comic publishers. The California science centre show apparently helps them on their road [...]

The invention of cookyright

German cook asking to introduce copyright-like right for recipes.

Remember the parody about Cold Pizza Piracy? Here is another one, only this time it is not a joke. Imagine yourself in the year 2025, you open your virtual mail box and the certified document printer spews out the following:

Dear consumer, it has been [...]

If you REALLY hate having customers, require them to buy wireless vouchers

Remember the story about unsuccessfully trying to find internet connectivity at Buenos Aires airport as part of my "genuine Latin American experience"? After the conference in Rosario ended last night, Fernanda Weiden, Alexandre Oliva and myself are currently back at Buenos Aires international airport, waiting for our flight to Porto Alegre.

Wanting to finally put [...]