SFD Call to Action: Let the STEED run!


Information Technology is a hype driven industry, a fact that has largely contributed to the current situation where the NSA and GCHQ have unprecedented access to the global communication and information. Including for a very Realpolitik based approach to how that information may be used. Economic and political manipulation may not be how these measures [...]

A bridge leading nowhere: Outlook-centric groupware

I have a confession to make.

I do not believe that Windows is the future of the Free Software desktop.

Perhaps you wonder why I feel it necessary to make this point?

A surprising number of Free Software (or Open Source, take your pick) companies, evangelists and journalists these days advocate some Open [...]

Most people seem to prefer FL

Stefano has been rather curious about Second Life (SL) in his blog, and much of the press seemed to be buzzing about how SL was going to be an economy of its own and how there were millionaires in the making.

Based on my experience of IT as a hype-driven industry of sorts, I was [...]