Can’t believe I’ve just been HYTTIOAOA’d

So there I was. Having spent 10 minutes trying to work my way through one of the worst forms that usability demons have ever conceived of for some legal issues at a certain governmental body, I hit the final “submit” and get an error message that the submission had somehow failed.  No idea why, of [...]

FSFE’s Sun Fire T-1000

Most of you have probably seen in FSFE’s latest newsletter that Sun kindly donated a SunFire T-1000 server to FSFE’s Fellowship.

And while not as probiotic as other recent blog entries, I think that some of you should be curious to have a look at its insides. Here is a picture of the actual [...]

WIPO GA: Starting off by grinding to a halt

The 2007 general assembly of the UN WIPO started off yesterday by grinding to a halt over accusations against WIPO director general Kamil Idris, who apparently changed his officially recorded birth date. The United States wants that issue discussed and dealt with at this year’s assembly, while the group of African countries moved to take [...]

So this is what hit Microsoft…

The past two months have been interesting in the Chinese sense. A primary culprit of that was Microsoft’s failed attempt to push their proprietary MS-OOXML format through ISO. But there were also talks and meetings with ministers (see [1][2]) to promote Free Software in Chile, the SELF board meeting in Argentina, review meeting in Brussels, [...]

Free Beer (as in freedom)

Recently I stumbled upon a student initiative called who were asking for preorders on their Free Beer, as in freedom: The recipe is available online and you’re invited to modify it under a Copyleft license. You can either get Free Beer in bottles through them, or play with the recipe and have the

Wädi-Brau-Huus [...]


FSFE Fellow Alex Antener reminded me today that some of our Swiss Team set up the Bergtagung for next weekend in the beautiful Swiss Alps mountain town Siat. The purpose of the Bergtagung is to have a meeting open minds, Free Software/Free Culture enthusiasts and others, with the following agenda items (from the Bergtagung [...]

Irony, cynicism or simply “cara de pau”?

Imagine a fox building “fox and chicken can be friends” ads from the feathers of slaughtered chicken. Would this be irony or cynicism, or possibly both? I had the same problem when I saw the following ad:

Microsoft is a convicted monopolist. Their most successful strategy to protect their monopoly and extend it [...]

Most people seem to prefer FL

Stefano has been rather curious about Second Life (SL) in his blog, and much of the press seemed to be buzzing about how SL was going to be an economy of its own and how there were millionaires in the making.

Based on my experience of IT as a hype-driven industry of sorts, I was [...]

Fedora removing binary ESRs.

The fact that the protagonist of the popular web-comic “Everybody loves Eric Raymond” has turned his back on Red Hat Fedora in an email seems to have been a major news item, according to and Heise. Unfortunately, most of these articles ignore the replies, or try to discredit them as not being pragmatic.

While [...]

Media merchant media atrocities and their parody

One of the most remarkable features of the German language is that it makes it very easy to create words that are generally understood and come with clear connotations to people who speak the language. One such word that has been going around is the word "Raubkopierer", which combines the words "Raub", meaning robbery, and [...]