Media merchant media atrocities and their parody

One of the most remarkable features of the German language is that it makes it very easy to create words that are generally understood and come with clear connotations to people who speak the language. One such word that has been going around is the word "Raubkopierer", which combines the words "Raub", meaning robbery, and [...]

Sign up against cultural repression in Brazil

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), two organisations that have achieved questionable fame with their lawsuits against young children and grandparents in the United States (also see the resources of the EFF) have announced another round of bloodshed, this time also focussing on Brazil, the "Free [...]

Who is your favorite underwear pervert?

Yet another "innovation" from our friends in the Church of IPR: 

Cory Doctorow has a story on BoingBoing about how Marvel and DC comics seek a joint monopoly on the term "super-hero" so they can  be the real world Dr. Doom independent comic publishers. The California science centre show apparently helps them on their road [...]

The invention of cookyright

German cook asking to introduce copyright-like right for recipes.

Remember the parody about Cold Pizza Piracy? Here is another one, only this time it is not a joke. Imagine yourself in the year 2025, you open your virtual mail box and the certified document printer spews out the following:

Dear consumer, it has been [...]

Copyright perspectives: obligation to publish and DRM?

There have been a couple of interesting articles and statements regarding Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) that I would like to share with you and comment on. One was a blog entry by Shane, titled "DRM is not evil. People are evil" and another one was a statement by Nick Ashton-Hart on behalf of (quote from [...]

GVU gets taste of their own medicine

As German media company reports, the "Gesellschaft zur Verfolgung von Urheberrechtsverletzungen" ("Association for the Prosecution of Copyright violations") (GVU) was paid a visit by the German police.

This tuesday morning around 10:00, police searched more than 200 locations in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Poland and Czechia. Overall 20 servers were confiscated, apparently they were [...]

Catching up and pledging to never buy DRM CDs

After an interesting trip to Boston, which let me experience various wonders, such as

Logging into the internet on an airplane, 10km above the middle of the Atlantic, to join other Fellows in a discussion on our Fellowship Jabber server. I have to admit this had me excited a little bit. Discovering once again [...]

Cold Pizza Piracy

While waiting for inspiration to write my next article, I stumbled upon this ColdPizza Parody by Scott Lazar and others. I can’t help but think that translating a normal license to another area ends up as a hilarious parody makes a somewhat sorry statement about the current state of the "cultural industry."

As usual, the [...]

EU Database Directive: Hooray to faith-based legislation?

In February 1996, aEU directive called "Directive on the legal protection of Databases" was adopted to create a copyright-like 15 year monopoly on databases to "to protect their investment of time, money and effort, irrespective of whether the database is in itself innovative."

Roughly ten years later, the European Commission published an evaluation of the [...]

COLDPLAY hates Mozart, the damn pirate!

Digital Restrictions Management, as the experts call it, or DRM for short, is working hard to demotivate people from giving money to the musicians they listen to, as David Pakman, President & CEO, Inc.; Managing Director, Dimensional Associates, Inc.. recently explained in his article on GROKLAW. The article explains in relatively simple terms why [...]