Back from Day against DRM Protest in Zürich

An exciting day is coming to an end now. You can read a short account of our Day against DRM protest in downtown Zürich on my other blog on, so I won’t repeat the same story here, but I will include the link to some very nice pictures.

The FSFE Zürich Crew was very happy with all the people who turned up, there were people from literally all over Switzerland who had sometimes travelled for more than 2 hours on the train to join the protest. Talk about motivation and dedication. Thank all of you so very much!

But unlike the others who could head to lunch directly, we had another task ahead of us: We needed to officially take into possession the new offices of the Free Software Foundation Europe in Zürich. And what could be better suited to this task than hoisting the flag of the Fellowship?

Hoisting the flag in FSFE's new offices in Zürich
(click on image for larger version)

So we’ve now officially taken our new offices into possession.

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2 comments to Back from Day against DRM Protest in Zürich

  • shane

    And what a day!

    It was a great meeting of minds. Some really interesting people came. I had some great discussions while handing out leaflets.

  • rca

    Just arrived back home, too

    It was fantastic indeed, and if I remember correctly, some people came all the way from the Ticino to join us. Very impressive! Also, I was surprised how many people actually took a bit of time for a discussion and to have the situation explained to them. I would have thought the typical Zürichite to be more interested in jogging straight back to the office (okay, perhaps with a stop at Starbucks) than to patiently read flyers and actually stop walking. I see that I have to update my prejudices :)

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