OFE Summit 2011: Creating an Open climate for entrepreneurs in Europe

During the 2011 OpenForum Europe Summit I had the pleasure and privilege to chair the session on “Creating an Open climate for entrepreneurs in Europe” and the videos of the opening presentations are now online on YouTube, and included below in chronological order:

Fabien Pinckaers, CEO OpenERP is talking about his experience in setting [...]

Oral intervention by FSFE to CDIP/3

[ PDF version ]




(Geneva, 27 April – 1 May 2009)

Mr Chairman,

On behalf [...]

The case for a World Innovation Policy Organisation

Good innovation policy requires understanding of the regulatory impact of each policy instrument individually, as well as knowledge about the interaction of different instruments. It is therefore necessary to look at the whole spectrum available within each instrument, as well as be aware of how other instruments may be empowered or invalidated through [...]

Considerations on Innovation and Competition Policy

[PDF version,  paper providing input to the workshop "Technical Regulation of the Internet : From Standardization to Behavorial and Societal Norms" ]

– by Georg C. F. Greve

Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE)

Innovation is the process of applying new ideas for the [...]

Some pointers on European Software Strategy, WIPO and further reading

It’s been one of “those” months. Again.

First and foremost, the European Software Strategy has taken up a lot of time and energy for myself and others in FSFE. Having been invited to contribute our expertise to the process of drafting input into the strategy, we’ve participate in several working groups, [...]

Why the Commission is doing the right thing on antitrust

Previously on “European Commission Antitrust”…

Free Software Foundation Europe has been supporting the European Commission’s DG Competition in its antitrust work since 2001, when it first offered its expertise to the former Competition Commissioner Mario Monti. In 2003 it brought the Samba team to the table, and our cooperation was able to provide the Commission [...]

Topic of 2009: Interoperability

It seems the topic of 2008 will also be the key topic of 2009. This is hardly surprising.

Interoperability is at the connecting point of innovation and standardisation, of Free Software and proprietary software, of SME’s and large enterprises, and is intrinsically connected with questions of public procurement and regulation of the market. From the [...]