Hello world!

Hi, I’m Mia, an artist with an interest in computer science. I’m a previous FSF member although I’m not an American, I was just drawn to the source. I am engaged with various campaigning on-line and in person. I try to support as many causes as I resonate with while trying to avoid apathy and burn out.

I’m looking for a like minded community to bond over free software activism and engage in promoting free software, free culture and open data. Most of my art is creative commons licensed and I’m trying to transition my computing needs to entirely free software and open formats.

I like to support artists directly and to read fiction and non-fiction by Richard M Stallman, William Gibson, Steven Levy, Lawrence Lessig and Cory Doctorow. I know I am far from realising my dream of sustaining myself from my art but am keen to find new opportunities for funding, inspiration, exhibition, legitimization and dissemination.