DRM Idiotic and Abhorrent

My fear that the free and equal infrastructure that holds together the web will be slowly replaced almost entirely by proprietary platforms and Digital Restrictions Management. Media, especially that produced by publicly funded institutions like the BBC should never be locked down.

To impose restrictions and demand “dark” code for general purpose computing is an affront to peoples freedom. We are being herded into increasingly more abusive platforms that exploit our desire to connect, be informed and play while they are mediating our communications and profiling our behaviour to find ways to exploit us at our weakest.

Our web is becoming like a casino where we are being placated and kept in ignorance about our power. People’s right to media and effective networks is crucial. While many may not understand how our computers work apart from rote learning we should be free and not controlled by our technology.

Media producers should stop trying to control what we do with our purchases and offer us effective modes of distribution instead. I don’t want to break the free and open nature of the web for the controlling interference of special interests. There is a good debate on Reddit about the issues.

Stop the Hollyweb! No DRM in HTML5.