At the London Hackspace they have a cube which posses an interesting tessellation problem. The aim of the puzzle is to make a perfect cube from the individual static shapes. There is apparently only one solution to the problem of making a perfect cube from the component parts. In trying to solve the problem Read more »

Online profiling and artificial intelligence

With search engines and advertisers actively building client profiles it’s important to ask, why do you search? If websites like Google can profile your search terms and build a picture of who you are, you have to wonder about the generic but endlessly complex user profiles that they model their systems with. Understanding a customer Read more »

Link Bait Con

After searching online for the free vegetarian food truck in London apparently called Hare Krishna Food for All. I found that a suspicious looking link from an innocent looking blog redirected from it’s URL to a untrusted SSL certificate at an unrelated scam site. Apart from the very real probability that blogs are systematically hacked Read more »