DRM Idiotic and Abhorrent

My fear that the free and equal infrastructure that holds together the web will be slowly replaced almost entirely by proprietary platforms and Digital Restrictions Management. Media, especially that produced by publicly funded institutions like the BBC should never be locked down. To impose restrictions and demand “dark” code for general purpose computing is an Read more »

GNU MediaGoblin

Now, I’m rather new to contributing to free software projects but MediaGoblin got my attention. Learning about GNU/Linux and free software has been a slow process, apart from my various stints at running GNU/Linux on my MacBook I have stopped fighting the technology and will be more informed and selective about my future hardware purchases. Read more »

Programming Oportunities for Women

I realise what a minority women in technology and engineering are and it’s a feedback loop that stifles future participation. We don’t want to see a skills segregation in the future. Young people are particularly susceptible to social pressures and I know women are being put off engagement in free software and engineering because of Read more »

Trust Networks

Someone on Stack Exchange seems to think the iMessage encryption is only for messages in transit and not true end to end encryption. Whereas comments on Hacker News seem to suggest Apple may be in a position to provide true end to end encryption. In the mean time I’m sure some people will be trying Read more »

Mass Market On-line Encryption Works OK…

Although we have had strong cryptography like Pretty Good Privacy available to the public for years iMessage raises the interesting point that unless your device comes with integrated crypto the public won’t be aware of it or use it. Ubiquity of crypto for personal communication is still a long way off. People have an assumption Read more »