Photo of the Month — 2014-08

Originally I had wanted to post a different picture, but sadly the war against the Palestinian people has seen yet another level of escalation, so here’s a picture in solidarity with the Palestinians and all other people suffering from war and oppression. I shot it in Ramallah, Westbank, 2011.

Many things have been said about the situation and I don’t want to engage in political debate on this blog, so I will not say more than the solidarity expressed above. If you haven’t yet thought about the whole conflict, here’s a good video by the Jewish Voice for Peace. If you agree, support groups and actions in your area.

Concerning the technical background of the picture, this is the original shot taken, walking down a street, without stopping to get the angle right and better exposure:

It was edited with Darktable using base curve and color curve corrections (weak sigmoidal curves for both), local contrast enhancement, lense correction, cropping and angle correction. The latter is not to my full satisfaction, but the best I could get from the picture, I think.