Missing (Free) Android Apps – II – E-Mail

This is a pretty serious one: there are no proper E-Mail apps for Android tablets. Yes, I know there is K9, but K9 is only good for phones. Seeing that the K9 people also develop the proprietary (and for-money) Kaitan Mail, which is for tablet and high-resolution phones, I have little hope of seeing K9 being upgraded any time soon to being usable on tablets.

The only alternative I have seen so far is the stock Jelly-Bean(and after) Mail program, which looks decent on my screen and which I use right now. But it also lacks so many crucial features, that I am not happy with it at all. Just to name a few:
* editable and top-placable quotations
* identities (you won’t believe, I actually set up the same email account multiple times to get different sender-addresses — and I had to cheat the program to be able to do it…)
* gnupg
* a white-on-black theme

My transformer also shipped with an E-Mail program that was a little better than stock Android (e.g. it had support for showing things in a threaded view), but it was proprietary. Then again it looked very much like a fork of the stock E-Mail app, maybe one should investigate if the proprietary fork was legitimate.

Anyway, the overall situation is kind of dissapointing. I mean, I really have lowered my expectations of Android, but emailing really is the most basic functionality a “mobile device” should provide…