QtDbus peer-to-peer support and other good news

I’ve been really busy, so I was unable to blog for a while… And I’m still really busy, so this is just a quick update about what happened in the last few days.

My merge request [1] was finally merged in Qt master [2] and finally QTBUG-186 [3] is resolved. It took more than one […]

Qdbusxml2cpp and QDBusAbstractAdaptor Limitations

Issue #1:

Object implementing two different interfaces, both having a method named "Bar"

<interface name="org.drdanz.foo"> <method name="Bar"> </interface> <interface name="org.drdanz.boo"> <method name="Bar"> </interface>

The adaptor code generated by qdbusxml2cpp is something like

[…] QString fooAdaptor::Bar() const { // handle method call home.drdanz.foo.Bar parent()->Bar(); } […] QString booAdaptor::Bar() const { // handle method call home.drdanz.boo.Bar parent()->Bar(); […]