QtDbus peer-to-peer support and other good news

I’ve been really busy, so I was unable to blog for a while… And I’m still really busy, so this is just a quick update about what happened in the last few days.

  • My merge request [1] was finally merged in Qt master [2] and finally QTBUG-186 [3] is resolved. It took more than one year to get it in (the first version was submitted on March 26th, 2010), but it was definitely worth.
    This means that since Qt 4.8, QDBusServer won’t be just stub and QDBusConnection will have two new methods QDBusConnection::connectToPeer and QDBusConnection::disconnectFromPeer. You will be able to connect two applications directly and use DBus protocol for communication using Qt API, but without using the DBus daemon. (The only limitation is that you won’t be able to have both server and client in the same process and use blocking calls)
    This also means that DBusTubes using Telepathy-Qt4 (and therefore in KDE [4, 5]) will be soon possible (KDE 4.8 maybe?)
  • I succesfully defended my PhD Thesis (“Design and Development of a Framework for Tool Integration and Collaboration in Neuroinformatics and Computer-Aided Neurosurgery”), I’ll release the source code I wrote as soon as I find some time to do it (I need to clean the source code, translate comments, remove swears and other tasks like that before a serious release 😉 ), then I’ll probably write some blog posts about it.
  • Last but not least I am now engaged. 😀

[1]Merge Request 2342 – QtDbus peer-to-peer support
[2]Qt commit 685df07ff7e357f6848c50cffa311641afdca307
[4]GSoC Update: DBusTubes work!
[5]Hello Planet KDE && GSoC: Telepathy Tubes and File Transfer in KDE