Vienna manipulations in the press

The discussion about the obvious manipulation of the Vienna Declaration on ICT and Creativity is spreading: Heise, Germanys largest publishing house for IT and related news published an excellent piece about the Vienna Declarations under the title Microsoft, die "Vienna Conclusions" und der UN-Weltgipfel (Microsoft, the ‘Vienna Conclusions’ and the UN world summit") that explains the situation very well. I hope Heise will provide an English version of this article.

Meanwhile, new details keep popping up. Carina Felzmann, the person who made the pro-DRM comments, not only acted in dual capacity of being in the national parliament of Austria for the ÖVP and representing the lobby and pr company Cox Orange, she was also part of the post-conference drafting committee.

I guess that should not surprise me.

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  • More news about the Vienna Manipulations

    Since their German article was so good, I asked Heise whether they would provide an English version of it, and they did. So you can now read the best analysis to date in English. Even more interest…

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