FSFE Fellow Alex Antener reminded me today that some of our Swiss Team set up the Bergtagung for next weekend in the beautiful Swiss Alps mountain town Siat. The purpose of the Bergtagung is to have a meeting open minds, Free Software/Free Culture enthusiasts and others, with the following agenda items (from the Bergtagung web site):

  1. To hold and listen to talks about various subjects, relating to Free Software or not, it’s entirely in the speakers’ hands
  2. To relax in the sun
  3. To drink beer (or non-alcoholic beverages of your choice)
  4. To go for walks and enjoy the scenery
  5. To eat grilled sausages and local specialties (and/or tofu, vegetables…)
  6. To chat about software, culture, technology and whatever else seems to fit. Maybe even, god forbid, football

Just imagine what happens if we combine some of these. Drink beer while hiking up a mountain with a sausage AND listening to a lecture!

So in short: Have a good time. If you don’t have plans for next weekend, this is definitely something to consider, so I hope to see you there.

NOTE: Yes, it is strange that you haven’t heard of this before. It only goes to demonstrate the competency of FSFE’s secret service. ;-)

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2 comments to Mountains+Geeks+Barbecue+Freedom=Bergtagung

  • rca

    Only half a secret

    It’s only half a secret since it’s been sitting on the FSFE events page quite unnoticed for a while. But that proves just how good our camouflage really is!

    At any rate, all Fellows (and their friends, and random people they meet on the street) are very welcome to join us as we decimate the cow population and don’t take each other seriously. In the mountain sun. There might even be goats!

  • shane

    I’ll be there

    I’ll be there.

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