BBC: Questions for Microsoft on open formats

The BBC just put an article by FSFE media coordinator Joachim Jakobs and myself online in which we respond to an earlier article on a "time bomb" in the UK National Archives.

What Microsoft carefully sought to avoid mentioning in that article is that they themselves placed that time bomb in the UK National Archives which now threatens to cause a "digital dark hole" according to Gordon Frazer of Microsoft UK.

You can find our response online here.

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Georg Greve is CEO and President of the Board at Kolab Systems AG, a Swiss Open Source ISV for collaboration and communication, also available as Swiss hosted service Kolab Now. During his 20+ year career in Free and Open Source Software he has been author of the Brave GNU World, one of the most widely spread columns on the subject, founding president of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) and provided input to various governmental and inter-governmental organisations. In 2009 Georg was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon by the Federal Republic of Germany for his contributions to Open Source and Open Standards.
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