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Meta Horizon OS, Replicant and the GPL

Meta Horizon OS is a variant of Android, which includes GPLed parts, including the kernel Linux. Replicant is a fully free variant of Android that can run on smartphones and other kinds of devices. As the maintainer of libsurvive I have been working on a port to Android/Replicant which is known to work well with the Rockchip RK3399.

A few weeks ago, I asked for the source code for the Oclulus-Linux kernel, but until now the Meta Quest does not comply with the GPL. So I plan to make my own device running Replicant and maybe Guix codenamed the Replica Quest. The Replica Quest will include a user interface called LibreVR Mobile and on my POWER9 system I use LibreVR Desktop. Any part that Meta releases as free software can be integrated into Replicant. Non-free parts need to be replaced, that will be hard work.