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Thursday, December 13th, 2012

All major record labels have given up trying to enforce DRM schemes on music, but most DoujinOngakuka still do not have freedom and privacy until today:

– Miselu Neiro runs nonfree software such as VOCALOID and uses a proprietery YAMAHA DSP.
– Services like SoundCloud suggest Adobe Flash Player.
– Storing your data in centralized online services exposes you to surveillance.
– There is no portable, net-enabled social music device that Respects Your Freedom yet.

But Hackers and Makers are working on free alternatives:

– Arduino is a freedom-friendly platform that can be used to synthesize sounds.
– FreedomBox is a Debian based platform for distributed applications.
– OLinuXino is hackable hardware that runs FreedomBox.
– Fritzing and free FPGA-toolchains allow the community to build their own solutions.