Behind every great package stands a great maintainer

Recently I switched from Kopete to Pidgin to KDE Telepathy which got some very nice features with the last release, most notably OTR support. So I went to the YUM-Repository and fetched the package for Fedora 21 just to find the OTR settings panel broken (ok the panel was fine, but the buttons did nothing Read more »

Report from FSFE Munich local group meeting January 2015

The Munich FSFE fellowship group gathered for the first time in 2015 on 9th January. Although some of the regulars were still on vacation, we were able to get some things done. As decided during the December meeting we reviewed some tools to support our work. We had Owncloud, Trac, Redmine and the Fellowship Wiki Read more »

Been at FSCONS 2014

I’ve been in Gothenborg, Sweden from Oct. 30th to Nov. 4th 2014. During my stay I got to know Sweden and Gothenborg to some extend. I really had a nice time there, wandered the city and harbour a lot, got addicted to Fika (coffee with kanelbulle (cinnamon rolls)), talked to locals using my still minor Read more »