Behind every great package stands a great maintainer

Recently I switched from Kopete to Pidgin to KDE Telepathy which got some very nice features with the last release, most notably OTR support.

So I went to the YUM-Repository and fetched the package for Fedora 21 just to find the OTR settings panel broken (ok the panel was fine, but the buttons did nothing at all). So I went to some IRC channels on Freenode asking the same question over and over again until I landed in #fedora-kde, Fedora’s KDE SIG. I should have done this first, because my bug got fixed almost instantly. As far as I understand some optional build dependency was missing, so OTR didn’t went completly into the binaries. But now this bug is gone I can communicate again in the post Snowden era.

Not only is Free Software respecting my rights as a user, also a great community makes using the software a pleasure.

Thank you!