This is the anglophone Free Software blog of softmetz who sometimes also is called Christian Kalkhoff. softmetz is a Generation C64 / early Generation Y guy, just old enough to know the Internet before commercial uptake started.

In this blog he writes about Free Software issues with a special focus on the things happening in his hometown Munich in Germany. Munich is quite special to the Free Software Movement because the city’s council migrated its desktop computers to a GNU/Linux flavor called LiMux, a project that became the poster child for Free Software migrations world wide. Recently LiMux came under pressure when the newly elected mayors started to spread FUD in the press.

Further he is one of the coordinators of the Munich local FSFE group and posts about their gatherings and projects here.

Most of the posts in this will also appear in german on his other blog site https://softmetz.de/.

softmetz’ contact information can be found on his FSFE-Fellowship-Wiki-Page.