Report from FSFE Munich local group meeting January 2015

The Munich FSFE fellowship group gathered for the first time in 2015 on 9th January. Although some of the regulars were still on vacation, we were able to get some things done.

As decided during the December meeting we reviewed some tools to support our work. We had Owncloud, Trac, Redmine and the Fellowship Wiki on our shortlist. Owncloud has a lot of features even for groups (yet incomplete, e.g. a group task tracker is still missing) but it imposes a dependency on JavaScript. Also trac is very customizable with plugins but reports show that they often break during updates. Further hosting a python web application is not that common with shared hosters. Redmine has the same issues with plugins and also needs JavaScript to work properly. All solutions so far would have needed custom hosting and administration by us, which we considered unnessary because still our group is not that big. So in the end we agreed on using a protectd pages inside the Fellowship Wiki for now, because it doesn’t need JavaScript to work and, most important, is already there.

Next on our agenda was our Free Software flyers. We discussed having a games edition. One question was if it should target adults rather than children or vice versa. As it turned out we will try to make two editions, one with games for adults only (e.g. 3d-shooters) and one for children. But things are still in flow.

Of course the Munich situation was discussed. But there had no new insights most probably due the christmas holidays. If you got any news, just drop me a message. 🙂

Last but not least I told the group, that I had registered a talk on Munich for LITA.

So far for our January meeting. Next meeting will occur on February 13th 2015 at 18:30h.