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JeguePanel 2.0 – More power on your network

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

I decided to post here about an important release happening in Latin America these days. It is a project developed there, by my friend Anahuac, and since we do not have many of such initiatives, I thought it would be nice to spread the word. If you are sysadmin and has to interact with postfix, you will love it 🙂

With full support to Active Directory and MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, JeguePanel comes to it’s 2.0 version bringing you a lot of management options to Gnu/Linux and Windows networks.

Organization is the key-word to reduce costs and efforts with IT. The efficient management of servers, users, permissions and resources are the basic level of any network environment. This is the JeguePanel goal: be a management servers tool, specially to E-Mail and Samba Servers.

After two years of absolute success on the 1.x series, finally JeguePanel comes to it’s 2.0 version. On it OpenLDAP isn’t mandatory anymore to store users and it’s data. Now you can choose to use SQL database instead. This is a regular request by JeguePanel users that already has it’s users data in SQL databases and don’t want to migrate to any other option like OpenLDAP. So, from now on, it’s just easy to use JeguePanel with it. On this version you can migrate data from Access, SQL Server or Oracle into MySQL or PostgreSQL and use JeguePanel.

The new support to Active Directory allows JeguePanel to work integrated with Windows Servers based on this technology, synchronizing all your users, passwords and additional data between AD and OpenLDAP. This is a great option to companies that already has it’s network based on Windows Server and want use an E-mail Server powered by Gnu/Linux.

It’s simple and friendly interface make easy manage any number of users and deeply decrease the management work. You don’t need to lost hours making replications between servers and trying to find out who is this or that user. With few clicks in the JeguePanel web interface all the management tasks are done quickly and easily.

JeguePanel manage more than E-mail Servers. It’s allow complete management of Samba Servers as well. This is a new step to get the wanted management efficiency of the network resources and permissions, totally integrated with Gnu/Linux and Windows Servers.

Take a look in all the news and bug fixes of this version below:

  • New installer with Ajax to make easiest to chose and configure your options.

  • The default JeguePanel language, on this version, is Enlgish. All others languages are supported trough gettext.

  • Messages disclaimer. Now JeguePanel managers can easily include any text in the bottom of all messages sent by the E-Mail Server.

  • Active Directory support. From now on, Windows 2003 Servers and JeguePanel with OpenLDAP can be synchronized. To make it possible we use an agent thats run on the W2K3 side, sending data to the OpenLDAP and vice-versa. This agents are used to synchronize users and passwords. More data can be synchronized by the new jpsync script, developed in Perl, that runs trough cron and compare and synchronize any changes.

  • SQL database. From the version 2.0, JeguePanel get free from OpenLDAP and offers the option to use SQL as users, domains and passwords database. The only case when OpenLDAP became mandatory is when you want to use the integration with OpenLDAP.

  • New interface to setup return error message, when some e-mail is deferred by virus infection.

  • From now on, disabled users by full quota, don’t get only disabled to receive new messages, but to send too.

  • OpenLDAP only accept text with accents using base 64 encryption. This method has been rewritten to avoid some errors in the text fields.

  • Improved Egroupware support. Now JeguePanel has an option to add/remove applications to many users at once.

  • The script, responsible for the Postfix reports don’t run trough cron anymore. It’s has been rewritten and it’s a daemon that still reading the mail.log file and collecting all the needed data. It’s became a very lightweight tool.

  • The add domains function has been changed to improve it’s performance. Now it’s uses the postconf command to change the file.

  • Improved ClamAV support. The command clamscan has been replaced by the clamdscan. This little change make the virus scanning much more lightweight.

To know more about JeguePanel, please visit and try our on-line demo. You will see that JeguePanel is perfect for your business.