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GNU/LinuxTag Pictures v.2

Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

Just putted my GNU/Linuxtag’s pictures in a web album….enjoy!

nanda’s pictures

GNU/LinuxTag Pictures v.1

Monday, June 27th, 2005

The funniest thing after a Free Software Meeting are the pictures…Bea just sent me her GNU/LinuxTag’s pictures.

Well…i have to say that I’m still wondering why Fede was looking so sad when Georg(aka “The Colonialist”) was talking about the FSF’s network…

More URLs comming soon…

Women and Free Software….

Friday, June 24th, 2005

I gave my talk at GNU/LinuxTag yesterday, and i think it was really good. I cannot say that my english was good also, but well…it’s getting better…

I met some women who are working in the GNU/LinuxTag organization and also another women who works for the Green Party in Germany on gender issues and Free Software. One of the things that impressed me was about the few number of women participating in this meeting. I was really expecting to find more than in Brazil, once Germany is “first” world, and Brazil is the 51st in the UN Rancking on Gender GAP.

Well….today I’m catching up the e-mails that i didn’t had the opportunity to read since I started to organize my trip to here. I got upset when I read one e-mail in the Debian Women mailing list with the subject: “Death To women’s Rights (I am an male free software developer and I despise women’s rights and your group).”

Sometimes people ask me why do the feminist groups exists in the Free Software Community. I’ll start to point some URLs to mailing list archives, to answer these questions with some facts….

I’ll try to contact Nils today and talk about the possibility to have a Women and FS focused meeting next year along with GNU/LinuxTag. I think it would be really interesting and also the only way to really get more women involved in Free Software events in Europe.

Next trip — Karlsruhe/Germany

Monday, June 13th, 2005

I’m really glad to know that my plan of attending for LinuxTag worked out, and now I’m just organizing the things around here for this long trip.

It will be my first time in Europe, and I’m really excited to know that I’ll meet lots of friends there: Leon, Mako, Georg, Meike, Dalibor, Fede, Bea…that will make me feel less “out of place”…

I’ll give a talk at LinuxTag with the same name than my blog here: Free Software with a Female touch, in which I’ll talk about women’s participation in technologies and in Free Software community, explaining a little deeply about two projects in which I’m working today: PSL Mulheres and Debian Women.

After LinuxTag, I’ll finally meet the guys of LTC Germany, group that is working together with LTC Brazil in some projects.

Sure, I’m planning to bring some cachaça, once I could be in risk of being deported back to Brazil if I came in Karlsruhe without any bottle 🙂

Also, we’ll have some FSFLA t-shirts available to sell.

Let’s see if the people around there can have good parties for nerds like we have in our events here in Brazil 🙂