Installing Debian the easy way: Say Goodbye to Microsoft!

You want to install Debian GNU/Linux on a machine?
You don’t have an install CD at hand (or you’re facing a netbook)?
USB booting is a nightmare?
That’s the situation I was in lately. So I remembered some clever guys had turned the debian installer into a windows executable: The Debian Installer Loader. It’s available at the well memorizable site and works absolutely perfect.
It even preseeds some installation values from the Windows environment.
You also have the choice whether you turn the machine into dual-boot (takes much time for shrinking NTFS partition) or convert it as a whole.
This tool gets rated five stars by me!

Successful advocacy: Linux, the kernel and GNU, the OS.

I spotted one of those “Linux, the operating system” inaccuracies and wrote a friendly mail to Jeff Elkner, the author of Here’s what he replied:

Thanks, Michael!  I've changed "Linux is an operating system" to
"Linux is an operating system kernel" and changed "thousands" to

I decided against the appositive you suggested at the end, since it
would require more explaination (what is the GNU system?) and make the
paragraph more difficult to understand.  I'll be sure to look for
other opportunities (particularly in the new preface) to promote
software freedom.

Thanks again!

jeff elkner

Great to see such prompt and positive resonance!

Now it’s YOUR turn to convince (as an example) to use less confusing terminology! 🙂