Installing Debian the easy way: Say Goodbye to Microsoft!

You want to install Debian GNU/Linux on a machine?
You don’t have an install CD at hand (or you’re facing a netbook)?
USB booting is a nightmare?
That’s the situation I was in lately. So I remembered some clever guys had turned the debian installer into a windows executable: The Debian Installer Loader. It’s available at the well memorizable site and works absolutely perfect.
It even preseeds some installation values from the Windows environment.
You also have the choice whether you turn the machine into dual-boot (takes much time for shrinking NTFS partition) or convert it as a whole.
This tool gets rated five stars by me!

Installing Debian GNU/Linux on fresh hardware

Installing GNU/Linux on fresh hardware can be challenging. I bought a Medion akoya 10" netbook (MSI Wind U100 platform).

Since then I wanted to install my used distribution, Debian GNU/Linux. After trying the lenny installers, at first I wasn’t able to get to it. Kernel 2.6.24 did not support the network card but instead broke the boot process so, after install, I did not have any drives. 🙁

I reported this install failure and got help so I was able to install a newer, working, kernel.

Thanks to the Debian installer team!