FSFE Fellow Sean Daly donates nice banner to FSFE

 At FOSDEM, Fellow Sean Daly donated this nice banner to us:


I seized the opportunity to ask him why he supported FSFE:

"I am a Fellow of the Free Software Foundation Europe and an occasional contributor to Groklaw. I support Free Software as a means to bridge the digital divide, build a better society, and create opportunities for everyone. Every one of us can find a way to contribute and make an impact. I myself am not much of a coder beyond
bash and gawk, but I do know about marketing and communications, so when I learned FSFE lacked a rollup banner, I had a nice one made.
When I visited FOSDEM, I was proud to see the new FSFE logo beckoning curious visitors to consult documents about Free Software."

Here you can see the banner in action:

 EDIT: Layout improved.