GnuPG has a new logo!

All subscribers of the gnupg-users and gnupg-devel mailing list had the chance to vote on the new logo of GnuPG.

I had used this chance too, and am very pleased with its result.

You still got the chance to donate some money to the winner, though!

I think GnuPG is a very important piece of software, concerning Freedom as well as Privacy and having a modern logo which represents both is really necessary.

UPDATE: Link corrected, thanks Stefano!

Draft of GNU FDL, new GNU SFDL at the horizon

There’s a new draft of GNU documentation licenses.

While the GPLv3 review process moves towards its end, I’m really surprised to see a draft of the GNU FDL as well as a completely new license, the GNU Simpler Free Documentation License.

There’s again the possibility for YOU to read and comment on the draft of FDL and to comment the new SFDL as well.


Wizards of OS4 is over and I’m back in my "beloved" work.

Time to make a small resumee:

The booth was quite strange this time, being placed in a really dark hall. (There were some gothic-like bar-women, they fitted perfectly to the environment). Because of this darkness, most people stayed outside and enjoyed the good weather. But having these good-looking T-shirts (and even a spot lamp), we managed to attract a few visitors.

The only talk I attended was about GPLv3 and it was really good although I had read some transcriptions (thanks, Shane!) of earlier GPLv3 conferences before.

Best part was again to meet all those lovely people face to face.

UPDATE: Sorry, all transcriptions I read were made by Ciarán O’Riordan. Thanks Ciarán!