EC Copyright Consulation (2)

Tonight at 7, we will meet again at the office to work on the EC Copyright Consultation. The last meeting was very good. There was five of us, 40% female participation \o/

As expected, we spend half the time struggling to answer questions, and half the time debating and putting the world to rights. We all also realised how little we knew about the topic. A imaginary conversation:

Consultation: “Are you sometimes blocked when trying to do this or that online?”

Us: “Well…we somehow remember that we are supposed to be, but you know, as soon we are blocked we circumvent the blocking measure… like everyone else does.”

(Resemblance to existing persons and situations is purely coincidental..)

A recurring remark (when not using was : “They [the European Commission] REALLY don’t want us to answer this consultation… .” …but we will.

After a week reading, tonight’s session should be even more productive.