Interview RT (Russia Today)

This morning I went to RT’s Berlin studio to talk about EU Data Protection Day. A journalist contacted the cryptoparty Berlin team, and I volunteered to answer her questions.

I was barely in the studio when they made me sit, straight up and look at the camera. No one really explained anything. The journalist had given me half a dozen very interesting questions about privacy and data protection, I was ready to talk for 2 hours. The actual interviewer (a strange woman in Moscow with an outstanding purple dress and heavy make-up) asked two very basic questions and let it go: it lasted something like a minute and half. I didn’t even say the word Free Software.

It’s the third time in a month that I have frustrating interviews during which I can’t say anything interesting. I need to get used to it and/or to write a good talk and start submitting it to conferences to get control over my own speech back :D

One thought on “Interview RT (Russia Today)

  1. I remember once seeing on BBC World one of those quick newscast interviews with someone who had been invited into another studio to give expert opinion, and due to the ridiculous schedule-based constraints (even though BBC World was mostly news updates, extended self-promotion, adverts and the occasional real programme), the interview lasted for maybe two short questions before the presenter cut away for the rest of the broadcast, upon which the interviewee was clearly heard asking in an infuriated tone, “Is that it?!”