Loop a PDF presentation

Finding how to make a slide show loop should be an easy task, but it just proved itself extremely frustrating. I was unable to make Impress (LibreOffice 4.2) loop my poor two slides. The normal process should be:

  • Slide Show > Slide Transition > Advance slide > Automatically after #seconds (30 in my case) > Apply to All Slides.
  • Slide Show > Slide Show Settings > Type > Auto (00:00:00 to make it loop without a black screen in the middle).

But this is theory. In practice, the slides change every single second, weirdly. Several bug reports seem to say that I am not the only one experiencing the problem.

Here is the simple solution I (painfully) found:

  • Export as PDF
  • Open in Okular
  • Settings > Configure Okular > Presentation > Advance every #seconds
  • Loop after last page

It works perfectly. Thanks Okular!