“Tracking for Freedom”: Cycling with the pros

Today, I did another trip for the “Tracking for Freedom” project and for the first time, I was not alone. Three triathletes from TriTeam Chaos allowed me to join them on their bicycle tour. They taught me slipstreaming and I owe them a big thank you for taking me with them. I think I have never had a higher average speed on one of my tours. The track was already familiar with me, but I have never followed it so far in the past. Of course I’m not in the shape to go for a whole tour with professional triathletes, so I had to return earlier than the others.

The usual numbers:

Total distance 67.7 km
Average speed 27.7 km/h
Maximum speed 40.8 km/h
Total climb 213 m
Average heart rate 167 bpm
Maximum heart rate 194 bpm
Time active 02:20:12
Time resting 00:26:34
Energy consumed 2532 kcal

Note: The climb was measured using a non-calibrated barometric altimeter; the amount of energy consumed was calculated from the measured heart rate and physiological parameters.

The GPX file recorded with my eTrex can be found here.