“Tracking for Freedom”: Not the best route chosen

Today, I finally managed to do my second cycling trip for the “Tracking for Freedom” project. While I originally wanted to follow the Danube southbound and return the same way, I managed to take the wrong path at some point and so I improvised the remaining route. Instead of returning via the Donauinsel, I crossed the Danube at the Freudenau power plant and drove across Simmering and the central cemetery. Afterwards, chose the “Zweierlinie” from Karlsplatz to Vienna’s Landesgericht. This last part however proved to be a rather bad decision. There were lots of rather slow cyclists on the bike lane and so my average speed went down quite fast. Of course I could have chosen the car lane, but I’m not tired of life.

Some figures:

Total distance 46.6 km
Average speed 22.8 km/h
Maximum speed 40.4 km/h
Total climb 251 m
Average heart rate 153 bpm
Maximum heart rate 183 bpm
Time active 02:00:43
Time resting 00:18:52
Energy consumed 1985 kcal

Note: The climb was measured using a non-calibrated barometric altimeter; the amount of energy consumed was calculated from the measured heart rate and physiological parameters.

The GPX file recorded with my eTrex can be found here.