“Tracking for Freedom”: Survived the hills

Today, I finally managed to go for another trip for the “Tracking for Freedom” trip. I was once again with the guys from TriTeam Chaos, but this time we were even eight people. The beginning of the trip was very nice, I even had the engery to chat with some of the other participants. Later, we went up to the hills of the Wienerwald and I painfully realized that I am not (or at least not yet) a climber. I was definitely the slowest member of the group and others even had time to go up the hills twice while I was still fighting myself. I’m proud that I never had to stop and push my bike. I have attached the evelation profile of the trip to this post.

Evelation profile

The trip's elevation profile


The usual numbers:

Total distance 61.0 km
Average speed 22.7 km/h
Maximum speed 54.8 km/h
Total climb 539 m
Average heart rate 155 bpm
Maximum heart rate 197 bpm
Time active 02:41:30
Time resting 00:33:29
Energy consumed 2451 kcal

Note: The climb was measured using a non-calibrated barometric altimeter; the amount of energy consumed was calculated from the measured heart rate and physiological parameters.

The GPX file recorded with my eTrex can be found here.