Testing wordpress 3.5.1

Hi, the Fellowship blogs test instance has been upgraded to the latest wordpress release (http://codex.wordpress.org/Version_3.5).

Please log in at https://blogs-test.fsfe.org/wp-login.php and give it a try (feel free to experiment, all data are a replication of the production database).


  • The atahualpa theme has been upgraded too
  • Some new antispam plugins have been installed; see this wiki page for details
  • The nextgen-gallery plugin for gallery management has been installed
  • The sociable plugin is not fully supported in WP3.5.1; if you find problems, you can use one of the following alternatives:
    • Use the Pome theme: it supports many social network buttons by default; you can configure them in Settings -> Social Media
    • Activate the rtsocial plugin
    • Activate the addthis plugin

    Please report problems or suggestions!

  • The flattr plugin is not supported in WP3.5.1. You can use the “Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons” plugin instead, and enable the flattr button (go to Settings -> Really Simple Share)
    Please report problems or suggestions!

Please send your feedback to fellowship-hackers@fsfeurope.org

Free Software founding fathers at "La Sapienza" University

The event will be held Thursday June 7th from 9.30am until 1.30pm at the Aula Magna della Caserma Sani, located in Via Principe Amedeo, 184. It is reachable walking from Termini Rail Station or by the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele metro station.
Admission is free for the whole event. Audio/Video streaming will be also available. More info here, in Italian. Full press release here, in English.

Fellowship Raffle 2007, version 2

Free Software Foundation Europe has received many comments, both from Fellows and members of the community, confused by the fact that some of the items being raffled weren't real prizes but devices that needed liberation. Since the confusion couldn't be cleared easily, FSFE we have decided to take the following items out of the raffle

  • 1 Qtopia Greenphone by Trolltech
  • 3 Developer Discount codes for Nokia N800 Internet Tablets, by Nokia
  • 2 Free Software based routers KWGR614, by NETGEAR

and will pass them to developers for full liberation at a later stage.

FSFE sees its Fellows as a part of itself, as people with very strong committment to freedom and strong ethics, who would always do the right thing. We always assume honesty and strong principles.

This perception has been part of the Fellowship idea from the start and is reflected in many details, like the — from a minimum — freely chosen Fellowship contribution, which has never been checked.

Unfortunately this perception has clouded our vision to the potential negative interpretation of putting these items into the raffle. We were sure that if we pass these along to Fellows they would do the
right thing and work on liberating the devices with more freedom as the logical consequence. But it seems that some people got the impression we were simply distributing them as prizes. This would
amount to distribution of the devices with proprietary software for usage, not liberation, and would be against our principles.

We have to admit that the communication allowed that conclusion, which at the time seemed so remote to people in FSFE that we failed to consider this interpretation enough. For this we apologise.

We obviously will not continue what we now see as a mistake, and therefore we have decided to take these items out of the fellowship raffle. They will be replaced by 15 copies of "Free Software, Free
Society" and the remaining items in the raffle will be raffled as planned.

After the raffle is over, we will have a dedicated call to liberate these devices where people can apply for them and they will be given the devices under certain conditions. In setting this up we will pay
attention to the Fellows who have already applied to be allowed to work on liberating the devices.

We hope that you will understand and support this decision, and that you will continue to be a part of our work in the future.
With best regards,
Georg Greve
FSFE, President

E-Petition in the UK: All publicly-funded software should be released under a Free Software licence

"Software written using public funds should have it's source code published under a distribution licence that has been declared Free by the Free Software Foundation, rather than remaining a closed secret.

This would allow for more of the public to benefit from the development of the software since the code would be available for anyone to use and improve. Furthermore, compatibility with other Free licences (such as the GPL) would promote rapid development and reduced costs through the reuse of existing code.

An open development model would also allow the public to be more informed of the progress and quality of these projects, which so frequently seem to end up severely over budget."